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June 13, 2006

Genyouine Potluck Casserole

Tonight I made a Genyouine Potluck Casserole (tm) for dinner. I'm rather proud of it. I even had to do some extra shopping (we were out of cheese).
I'm sure most of you know about the Potluck Casserole. Rather nondescript-tasting, mushy and lukewarm, it is invariably covered with cheese and usually contains corn of some description. The more fashion-conscience garnish it with a dash of paprika and perhaps a sprig of parsely. One of the hallmarks of the Potluck Casserole is that it requires a bottle of tabasco and a liberal arm for it to aquire any definite taste.
I made mine out of leftover angel hair (cappellini to those who read food labels), a smallish can of beef chili - with beans - and a large-ish can of cooked tomatoes. Oh, yes, and canned corn. I cut up the pasta and simmered it all together in a pot while I went out to buy the cheese.
Home once more, I mixed in some of the shredded cheese, poured the whole gooey mess into a 9x14, covered it with the rest of the cheese (can't have too much) and broiled it for a few minutes.
Rather abashed that my cupboard rummaging did not produce any paprika, I served it to my family, being sure to include a bottle of Red Hot (Southern Tabasco) on the table.
As I sunk my teeth into the first bite, I was pleased to find that it had all the characterizations of a Genyouine Potluck Casserole. :-)
Now you, too, can astonish your friends at your next office party or church potluck!

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