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July 03, 2007

Updated PHP Install Guide

I'm migrating to a new server, so I took advantage of the process to update my PHP Install Guide. It's now updated for PHP 5.2.3. I modified some things, such as the list of extensions, and another troubleshooting entry, but most of it still applies.
It has attracted enough attention to have a translation. Matej in Slovenia translated it into his native tongue; you can find it in his blog: http://www.butara.si/matej/index.php/?p=33. Thanks Matej!
Thanks, as well, goes out to all those who have written in contributing tips and suggestions.

Posted by Peter at July 3, 2007 03:09 AM


Your PHP install guide is absolutely amazing.
Now my question is this...
Have you though about doing a PEAR install guide. It is very difficult to find a comprehensive install guide. Just an idea.
Once again thank you so much for making installing PHP a breeze...
Keep up the good work.

Posted by: TheCanfield at October 12, 2007 10:51 AM

Hi Peter,
I enjoy youre Install Guide. I have a probleem.
In the sessions folder the 0-byte files are there, but I cann't remove them as long IIS is running.I think that the problem I have is related to this. When I run the testpage it works only ones. When I push F5 the explorer hangs. When I quit the explorer and start again the testpage it looks good.

Luuk van Reenen

running w2003 sp2 IIS6 PHP 5.2.4

Posted by: Luuk van Reenen at October 24, 2007 07:14 AM

Thanx Peter,
you saved my life (mentally). I finally managed to install php on my server.
I would vote you for president if I could.

Posted by: Anders Figenschow at January 9, 2008 01:51 PM

This is 1 of the best site for me as i'm working in php from here only i learned how to instal the php. Thanks for providing this site.

Posted by: chinmay sahoo at January 19, 2008 02:22 AM

Your PHP Guid is the kind!! I was stuck for days intil I came across your site and boom, I now have PHP. Good work keep it up!!


Posted by: Dive -N- Dog at February 15, 2008 01:53 PM

got tired eyes reading ur instructions, keep on repeating the steps from beginning to end but nevertheless it was a big help to me... did not run it yet.. am still n the dll's, just making it sure did not miss a thing..

thanks man! God Bless YOU and more power!

Posted by: mark at March 7, 2008 12:12 AM

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